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8 May

Please read her books, from the bottom of my heart, okay?

The Bingergread Cottage

Image Amazement!

I just discovered that my books are listed in the Guardian (national newspaper for my overseas readers) in their Culture section.

I have no idea if this is automatic or chance or whatever but it has given me the most enormous buzz. I can see my next book cover with “as featured in TheGuardian Culture Section” printed in big letters.

What I would like now (and yes it IS a big favour) is for any of you who have read Alchemy or Shaman’s Drum or both to slip over to this link and leave a review. A few lines, a star rating, anything at all.

You have all been very kind and left some feedback on Amazon, Smashword, Barnes and Noble but I KNEW there had to be other places.

I can’t promise cake for everyone but you might get a big smile posted on the blog next week…

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